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Windsor Jewelry is an Audrius Krulis Dealer
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Audrius Krulis Earrings Audrius Krulis Rings
Audrius Krulis was born in Lithuania and graduated with a Master's in Sculpture from the Vilnius Fine Arts Academy, 1963.

Upon coming to New York he adapted his knowledge to jewelry, working as a shop foreman for 20 years, before pursuing his own creative vision.

Audrius finds inspiration in many forms. Part of it is the intrinsic nature of building something, and seeing it come to life. The shape takes on its own soul and character, which fuels the creative process.
Wearing something of his is an intimate connection to the imagination of an artist. It is as much a reflection of an individual’s taste as it is the craftsmanship of the artist, and so it is not just the jewelry that is unique, but the nature of the bond between art and collector.
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