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Rosy, Rosy, Rose Quartz
We couldn’t pass up the chance to do a feature on the namesake for one of this year’s Pantone Colors of the Year.

So what is rose quartz? Why did it catch Pantone’s attention? And where can you get some jewelry featuring rose quartz to enhance your wardrobe?

What Is Rose Quartz?
Rose quartz is a lovely variety of quartz known for its pastel pink-to-red color and its sleepy appearance. It’s always a little subtransparent, a little hazy, but it’s that very quality that makes rose quartz so easy on the eyes and offers a sort of mystique that most other kinds of quartz don’t possess.

In fact, the color of rose quartz is actually somewhat of a mystery, even with today’s scientific advances. There are theories, but many of them are unproven across the board for specimens from various locations.

That sleepiness is also what sets rose quartz apart as a distinct variety of quartz; transparent pink quartz is a relatively new discovery (in Madagascar in the 1990s), which has a completely different growth pattern and coloring agent than the rose quartz that’s been beloved for centuries.

The haziness can sometimes produce bluish clouds within rose quartz through an effect related to Tyndall scattering (the reason the sky is blue). It is this combination of blue-within-pink that can be compared with Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year.

Rose quartz can also display a 6-rayed star, making an already attractive and interesting gem even more attractive and interesting.

Rose Quartz In Jewelry
Since it is a type of quartz, rose quartz is an excellent choice for any kind of jewelry. It’s commonly cut into cabochons, but faceted rose quartz is a novelty you might come across every now and then. Rose quartz is easy to maintain, easy to clean, and beautiful to wear because it complements just about any skin tone, light or dark.

As with all quartz, rose quartz can grow very large; you can easily find pieces worthy of statement necklaces. But it’s not one of those gems that washes out in smaller sizes, so if dainty and understated is your style, rose quartz may be right up your alley.

Being named as a Pantone Color of the Year, you can expect rose quartz to make a bigger splash in trending jewelry designs than in years past since it will be able to be worn with any ensemble. Its gentle color is excellent for spring and summer. Although it might not quite approach the jewel tones you usually see at the end of the year, it will still act as a suitable accent to contrast the deeper colors that will come out in the fall and winter.

If you happen to be in Downtown Indianapolis, stop in and visit us at Windsor. We’d love to show you some rose quartz jewelry from which you, or someone for whom you might want to purchase a gift, would get years of enjoyment.

And don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is coming up this weekend. Pink may be cliché for Valentine’s Day, but a gift of rose quartz will last much, much longer than a gift of roses.