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An Historic Pairing
Since 2000, Pantone has released what they forecast to be the predominant color used in all aspects of the fashion industry for the coming year. The Pantone Color of the Year is released with a corresponding color palate, but it’s the Color of the Year that the fashion world watches for every December.

This year, Pantone broke from the norm. Big time. They announced not one, but two Colors of the Year. The idea is not to wear a single, dominant color, but to don these two colors in tandem. And what’s more: both colors are pastels. Only three years since Pantone started their annual releases have featured a pastel as the Color of the Year.

And so, this year, we have Rose Quartz and Serenity
Now, jewelry is a natural extension of fashion. There are trends, designs in-vogue and out-of-vogue, retro and throwback styles, and a definite finger on the pulse of the fashion world. But this year, the jewelry industry was thrown the proverbial bone for the fourth time in ten years.

Rose quartz is, as you can guess, the name of a colored gemstone, so that plants it firmly in our realm.

And shouldn’t the Powers-That-Be opt to select a color from a natural palate so diverse and luxurious as the world of colored gems? It makes all the sense in the world to us…


Pairing pink and blue is not necessarily a new concept in fashion and design, but it seems a little antithet-ical to the mind of Western Culture thanks to traditional gender stereotypes: “pink is for girls;” “blue is for boys.” Politicking aside, the visual appeal of juxtaposing the two is evident, though, and especially with the gentle beauty of these two colors.

Designers of every stripe are taking advantage of these colors by casting them against a slate gray back-ground. Polka dot prints with one of the colors imposed upon the other are showing up on dresses and ties.

And then there’s jewelry. Even though Rose Quartz and Serenity are both pastels, soft colors do not necessarily equate to mild-mannered designs.

You can mix shapes and cutting styles in gemstones, as well as textures, and outlines in the metal to de-sign something playful and creative. Bypass rings, double-stone pendants, mismatched earrings, brooches in contrasting swathes of color: the possibilities are pretty exciting for a fertile imagination. Pantone’s revelation of two Colors of the Year has blown open the box of tradition and drawn innovation into the public eye.

At least as far as jewelry design is concerned.