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New To You: Estate Jewelry
Have you ever heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” We have, and we like it. That is why Windsor Jewelry actively buys and sells estate jewelry. But “trash” may be too harsh of a term. The estate jewelry we resell isn’t rundown, overused junk on its last legs. It has to be in wearable condition to begin with, and then we refurbish it. Any antique or estate watches we put in the case are returned to working order and refurbished, as well.

Old Jewelry
Some pieces we sell can have their provenance traced; others cannot. It’s the nature of estate jewelry.

We come across quite a bit of Art Deco and Art Nouveau jewelry, but we also end up with fun, innovative, and interesting pieces from indeterminate time periods that someone likely had custom made simply for their own enjoyment. Those kinds of pieces are not produced en masse, and so they are unique.

One thing you’ll notice about our estate case (and vintage jewelry in general) are the colors. Jewelry trends before the 1950s utilized lots and lots of colors via several different mediums. Colored stones like coral, amethyst, and jade were immensely popular. The color of the metal, particularly gold alloys, was toyed with, as well. And then there’s the art of enameling, which has really fallen by the wayside over the last forty years. But the detail offered by a fine enamellist jeweler can be breathtaking and totally unlike anything you have seen before.

As to the styles you’ll find: well, that depends entirely upon the time period in reference. Animals were a popular jewelry trend in the Art Nouveau Era, while geometric designs and clean lines were the hallmark of the Art Deco Era. Cameos and intaglios are historically significant as a decorative form of expression that spans several generations.

Old Watches
We also resell vintage and antique watches. Some are even solid gold. For instance, as of this writing, we have a gent’s 14kt yellow gold Omega Seamaster, dated to the late 1960s or early 1970s. We also have a lady’s 18kt yellow gold Corum. The woven style gold bracelet shows exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetic concern that elevates that particular item to fine jewelry from simple luxury watch. You should definitely come in to see it.

Vintage Engagement Rings
And, of course, we handle our fair share of vintage engagement rings and wedding bands. The trend to have an antique engagement ring allows for everyone to have one, but almost guarantees that not everyone will have the same ring.

How would/do you feel about wearing an estate piece as your engagement or wedding ring?

A 14k yellow gold ‘spinner’ ring from the 1920s inlaid with lapis lazuli and coral.