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3 Diamond Goodies to Remind You About April’s Birthstone
18k white gold interchangeable clasp with rotating diamond circlet on stainless steel multistrand necklace by Jorg Heinz.
This necklace is ultra-contemporary: it is beautiful and elegant in its outward simplicity, yet its design mechanics are far more complex than meets the eye. The stainless steel multistrand necklace is detachable from the clasp so you can switch out the necklace or the centerpiece with other pieces designed by Heinz. And if you don’t feel like showing all the glitz of that diamond circlet, just flip it over to show off the scratch-finish reverse side.

14k rose gold trellis band with diamond accents

Diamonds take a supporting role in the overall feeling of warmth and whimsy conveyed by this fun right-hand ring. Of course, it doesn’t need to be a right hand ring. It would look great on the other hand, too…

18k yellow gold waterfall-style ring by Todd Reed

Known for edginess and letting his designs take on a life of their own, Todd Reed puts a fresh spin on an old classic. Cocktail rings and waterfall rings are not just for Liz Taylor anymore.

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